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tv   Today in Iowa at 530  NBC  November 27, 2015 5:30am-5:59am CST

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shopping had to leave a west des moines target store before they could even checkout. what happened... and when the store reopened. black friday... iowans are turning to a retail regimen... to work off all of that turkey. we'll show some of the busiest places in the metro... and what people want to get their hands on. small business saturday... iowans are encouraged to shop local this weekend... hear why retailers say the sales could set the tone for business next year. it's friday, november 27th.
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first on 13... on black friday... shopping is not just acceptable.. it's expected. crowds are already taking over stores and malls in the metro. channel 13's josh nguyen beat the shoppers to valley west mall.
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it was really busy to begin with and the crowds tapered off from the 2 a.m. to 6 a.m. time period. i think all it really did was move the sales earlier in the day instead of at the midnight retailers are expecting, is that people are probably not going to spend more money with more hours. it will just span
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small businesses are also getting ready for the holiday shopping season. tomorrow is small business saturday.. encouraging people to shop local. nearly 74 million americans took back in 20 - 12. some small businesses in iowa say they've been preparing for it for months. they say what happens tomorrow and in the next few weeks... could set the tone for how business goes next year. everything that we're doing here is homemade, from scratch, and so i think that people who are either foodies or like that nostalgia of having it how mom used to make, they'll come to us. you'll find small business saturday specials all across
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including in des moines, west des moines, and ames. some shoppers had to give up on the sales... and worry about saving themselves... fire alarm the fire alarms went off at the super target on mills civic parkway last night. as you can see in this video taken by a viewer.. smoke is coming from the kitchen. firefighters quickly evacuated the building... and extinguished the flames. they are still trying to determine the exact cause... and no one was hurt. the store re opened at 4 a - m. mahaska county is trying to make rural roads safer after a deadly crash in the summer... 16 year old jamie singletary crashed into a truck at this intersection in august. singletary and his two brothers were all killed. it's likely the 2 drivers never saw one another because of tall corn at the time..
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that changed recently... on facebook, the boys' mother... the fateful intersection where my boys lost their lives. progress has been made. there are three brand new stop signs in place." you cant undo the past obviously, but i think as a legislator, its important to take new information you learn, and initiate discussions and i think it would be easier to put our heads in the sand, but the responsible thing to do is to have discussions about how we can improve safety the county is in the process of installing stop signs at about three dozen more uncontrolled instersections. windsor heights residents will head to the polls again next week... they will elect one more person to join threase harms on the city council. harms beat out an incumbent earlier this month... with 35 percent of the votes. no other candidates met the threshold required to win the remaining seat.
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a runoff election between the two runners - up will be held tuesday. they are charlene butz and zachary bales - henry. polls are open from 7 a - m to 8 p - m. iowa has only won the heroes trophy 1 time... a second win... would finish a perfect season. the 20 - 14 cornhusker comeback sparked an off season of change. iowa lost a 17 - point lead... and eventually, the game in nation will try to ruin iowa's playoff chances. those who can't make it to fans in west des monies. the polk county i - club is holding an along 22nd street. kickoff is at 2 - 30 p - m. a thanksgiving tradition restaurant... nearly 4 thousand people showed up for "chuck's" annual free feast. and it's no easy task cooking for that many people... the restaurant plans
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for the meal months in advance... they start planning six months out. bob the head guy starts cooking 2 weeks in advance. then we set up the phone lines, take reservations, and feed anybody that comes in. it was the restaurant's 32nd
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coming up next, david geiger joins us with this morning's agribusiness report. then... us military serving overseas got a thanksgiving surprise this year. and... another security scare at the white house yesterday while the president and his family was celebrating the holiday. what happened and why it had to
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welcome to the agribusiness report, i'm david geiger. this year turned out to be one of the biggest production years for iowa ever. but like every year, there were highs and lows for farmers. in carlisle, david geiger with the agribusiness report followed farmer corey goodhue from planting to harvest.
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march 17 goodhue says, "you spend all your money and you have no idea what you'll raise with the weather. because at the end of the day, weather's really what drives your productivity. we try and drive, especially nitrogen, because soil's a horrible place to store nitrogen. so that starts with what we do pre-plant. this machine that's behind us, we use to apply our so we have nitrogen from ammonia, and ammonia as our pre-plant. and we stabilize it with nserve. you never want to put all your nitrogen in one spot at one time. just too much risk." april 15 goodhue says, "managing that weather risk this time of year is important. but yeah, it's that balance between getting the most growing degree units, and not planting too early that you lose it. right now conditions are gorgeous, but it's been all over the board. i would say this is an early spring, the conditions look real good. so, it can go both ways. you never know what next week will bring for weather." june 29 goodhue says, "in a two day span, we got, four inches of
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upstream of us, we were seeing reports of anywhere from six to eight inches. and that just this water is bottlenecked by redrock. so, redrock has to protect ottumwa and everyone downstream. well, i you have a field of corn that's six, seven foot tall. we'll probably lose it because the water won't be off tremendous investment already here. you know, we've basically put ll of our money into it and now most of the crop wont make it. it's like a small business that opens, and has all the inventory and it never sells and they can't get rid of the inventory." august 11 goodhue says, "the beans behind us were probably planted the 20th of july. right now we need to cover the ground as a method of weed control. you know, a crop is your least expensive wee control as well as the hope that you'll raise something. the cost of putting in this late crop is usually pretty low. it makes a
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season drag on, you know like today we worked on getting the stuff ready for harvest, but now we're out trying to spray six-inch tall beans that were planted a few weeks ago." september goodhue says, "we've had an awesome august and july for growing late planted beans. very consistent rainfall, even through september we've had real nice, consistent rainfall. and it's late rains that make late soybeans. and the original planted beans, the ones that made it, just barely made it, and so their yield was significantly impacted by that the beans are ripe, we want to get them because you'll see them dry down and shatter and hopefully the late- planted beans will make it, even the first of november before we harvest them." november 2 goodhue says, "we got all of our normal planted crops harvested now. well, it was kind of nice to see a gamble pay off. you know, we originally were looking just for
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a cheap ground cover. i've been really impressed with the ground that didn't flood. with the yield we saw there. if this crop comes in as big as it has in iowa, will respond pretty negatively, and that'd be a big challenge. how can you market a crop at a loss? so, that's a big concern as we look at this last year and into next year." about six hundred acres of the goodhue farm flooded and all the late season beans they planted were harvested. thanks for joining us here and i hope you had a great thanksgiving. for the agribusiness report, i'm david
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our top story... black friday is officially here. but many retailers started cashing in on the holiday season thanksgiving day. each of metro's malls stayed open late for shoppers... and reopened this morning. data shows that 29 percent of them will spend more than they did last year... that surge is driven by 18 to 29 year old millennials. investigators are trying to figure out what set the fire alarms off a super target. it happened at the store on mills civic parkway last night. firefighters quickly evacuated the building... and extinguished the flames in the kitchen. no one was hurt. the store re opened at 4 a -m.
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pope francis arrived in uganda there aren't happy with him... ugandan priests and pastors are speaking out against his efforts to reach out to gay christians. they continue to push for anti - homosexuality laws in the failed last year. they call the pope's stance on the issue "hypocritical." < you tell the people, this is the truth, this is the way. homosexuality is dangerous uganda is the second stop on the pope's inaugural trip to africa. police in belgium are conducting more raids in the hunt for europe's most wanted man. salah abdeslam is suspected of being part of the paris terror cell. he was seen with another suspect... mohammed abrini... at a gas station prior to the attacks that killed 130. belgium has lowered its terror threat level... but the government says there's still a serious risk. another security scare at the white house on thanksgiving day... a man draped in an american flag
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was able to scale and jump the fence... joseph caputo was quickly stopped by the secret service and taken into custody. the white house was placed on lock down... while authorities combed the grounds. the first family was gathered inside at the time for the holiday. a big meal gave u - s military members something to be thankful for... soldiers celebrated thanksgiving day at "camp resolute support" with their nato partners. there was plenty of food on the serving line... including turkey, ham, and prime rib... topped off with pies. fancy food sculptures added to the festive atmosphere. hawkeye fans are expecting to see something special today... the team's 12th win... a perfect regular season. coming up... we'll tell you why this year is one iowa fans
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